[Solo] 25th Anniversary Vinyl Boxset

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A-1. Wish to Fly

A-2. A Wind With No Name

A-3. Journey to the Next Horizon

A-4. Souvenir

A-5. Dream Railroad - Bound For The Future


B-1. Meteor~Nora

B-2. Way Home

B-3. Asian Beauty

B-4. Mint Academy

B-5. Swan Yard (Home Again)


#2. Studio & OST

C-1. Too Far Away

C-2. 千年鶴(Orchestra Ver.) / 映画「千年鶴」OST

C-3. 風の誓い

C-4. 星の降る丘


D-1. Golden Rose

D-2. Arrows Of The Rainbow / 七つの大罪: GRANDCROSS OST

D-3. Asa, The Capital of Asu / ASTA OST

D-4. WHO I AM 2020+1

D-5. Forbidden Feathers


#3. Live

E-1. Everlasting Truth - 真実の泉 -

E-2. Prince of Jeju

E-3. 'Merry-Go-Round' In White Nights (白夜)

E-4. Neo Frontier


F-1. No Boundary

F-2. Nylon Heart

F-3. Flowers of K

F-4. Always There


#4. EP 7inch

A. Frontier!-Voices From The East (25th Anniversary Ver.)

B. Echoes(20th Anniversary Ver.)